Your New Secret Weapon Against Stress and Exhaustion Happens In the Shower

Imagine taking the time to treat yourself to a detoxifying mud bath facial…

Or maybe a massaging body scrub followed by a soothing soak in a bubbling herbal bath at some trendy wellness resort, soothing music playing in the background as the stress melts away…

Now, come back to reality… where you don’t have the time or the money to indulge in that sort of thing. Bummer, right?

Well… I’ve got the next best thing! Open a package of these incredible &Balanced Shower Steamers and experience the luxury of a relaxing spa visit…

Right in your own shower! Inhale deeply as the hot water hits the Shower Steamer… and surround yourself in healing aromatherapy as essential oils are released and scented steam floods your senses.


These are NOT your average chemical-laden, crumbly bath bombs from the drug store! 

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These aromatic steamers are made with quality ingredients, and dissolves slowly.

The heavenly scents last through a long, luxurious shower, ready to take you away to a place of relaxation and self care in a matter of seconds.

Our Shower Steamers come ready to travel… in a storage jar with 3 incredible scents: Rose, Lavender, and Eucalyptus.

Pop one in your gym bag for post-workout wind-downs. Toss it in your suitcase for instant renewal and energy on business trips. Or start your day soaked in a motivational mood booster, right in your own shower!

Offers immediate, clinical-grade relief for anxiety and pain and even provides physical benefits to the skin 


Each steamer combines therapeutic-grade essential oils with unique healing properties clinical studies have shown to beneficially interact with our minds and bodies!

Rose calms anxiety and nervous tension, opens the heart chakra for self-love, lifts mood naturally, and supports hormonal balance in women.

Lavender induces total body relaxation, promotes restful sleep, eases insomnia, and improves mood, making it an ideal choice for evening showers.

Eucalyptus helps clear the mind and promote a sense of alertness. Ideal for those seeking a revitalizing shower that leaves you feeling refreshed and uplifted. Bonus: Pop one in the shower when you’re feeling congested and feel the difference!

Turn your shower into a spa!

These therapeutic melts use natural essential oils and botanical elements to unlock relaxation, soothe away stress, clear stuffy sinuses, and promote healing.

There’s no easier way to bring a little luxury into your day!


Here's what just a few of the many rave reviews people have shared after experiencing these all-natural aromatic healers firsthand:


"These tablets saved me after months of painfully restless nights worrying. Just 20 minutes breathing in the soothing lavender steam I'd drift off peacefully after showering. Absolute magic and better sleep than any pill!" 

- Hope K.



"I struggle with anxiety in crowds ever since the pandemic started. But anytime I feel a panic attack coming on, I hop in a rose steam shower. Within minutes I feel my breath calm, my muscles untense, and I'm centered enough to tackle the day."

- Joey T.



"We put these pampering discs in all the showers at my wellness retreat. Our guests constantly rave about how transforming the aromatherapy experience is for reducing pain and stress. I even notice our massage therapists seem less exhausted since we started letting staff take home the shower tablets too!"

- Ciara R., Spa Manager


What Our Customers Are Saying

Amanda S.

  • Verified Purchase

Love having relief without medication.

"These shower steamers have been a game changer for helping my seasonal allergies and stuffy sinuses!"

Ryan P.

  • Verified Purchase

These lavender steamers are perfect!

"I never felt like I had time for baths, but wanted an easy way to get aromatherapy benefits to combat anxiety and insomnia."

Tori W.

  • Verified Purchase

Helps my daughter have a restful sleep.

"My daughter has night terrors and these have become part of her bedtime routine to help her wind down calmly. We use steamers infused with relaxing scents so she associates shower time with sleepy peacefulness before getting into bed."

6 Pack (2 Of Each Scent) &Balanced Shower Steamers
6 Pack (2 Of Each Scent) &Balanced Shower Steamers
6 Pack (2 Of Each Scent) &Balanced Shower Steamers
6 Pack (2 Of Each Scent) &Balanced Shower Steamers
6 Pack (2 Of Each Scent) &Balanced Shower Steamers
6 Pack (2 Of Each Scent) &Balanced Shower Steamers
6 Pack (2 Of Each Scent) &Balanced Shower Steamers
6 Pack (2 Of Each Scent) &Balanced Shower Steamers
6 Pack (2 Of Each Scent) &Balanced Shower Steamers
6 Pack (2 Of Each Scent) &Balanced Shower Steamers
6 Pack (2 Of Each Scent) &Balanced Shower Steamers
6 Pack (2 Of Each Scent) &Balanced Shower Steamers
6 Pack (2 Of Each Scent) &Balanced Shower Steamers
6 Pack (2 Of Each Scent) &Balanced Shower Steamers
6 Pack (2 Of Each Scent) &Balanced Shower Steamers
6 Pack (2 Of Each Scent) &Balanced Shower Steamers

I'm so glad I purchased this.

"I purchased the variety pack to see which scents I liked best because all three scents are so divine."

- Michael B.

Delicious scents!

"These make such great spa gifts for my sisters and mom because they reveal a new therapeutic feel in each shower without costing a fortune!"

- Erin C.

I do love treating myself to these little affordable luxuries.

"It feels like I'm enjoying a facial scrub or body masque without leaving home!"

- Savannah T.




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In the highly unlikely event that you're not completely happy with your purchase, just let us know within 180 days and we'll refund your money for any reason... It's that simple. 

So go ahead and give our products a try today!

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