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Keep Your Home Filled with Natural Fragrances to Inspire Love, Peace, and Positive Energy - Delivered Monthly.

Nice Candles do much more than just decorate, freshen the air, and boost your mood…

When you burn them daily, they create the “smell of home” that family and friends learn to identify with your love and hospitality! Nice Candles create core memories…

It’s a simple detail, but one that stays with us forever. 

Whether it’s unwinding after a long day or setting the mood before friends come over, your Nice Candles are there by your side to create an atmosphere that nurtures your family’s well-being.

They’re non-toxic and safe. They’re scented with pure, natural, essential oils. They’ve got energy-healing crystals embedded for an extra soothing, healing experience.

Join our Candle Club Subscription and keep the good vibes going! A new candle will arrive automatically every month.


Fill your home with delightful scents that not only set the mood but also provide THERAPEUTIC benefits!

Receiving a new hand-poured candle at your doorstep every month is like opening a little box of happiness waiting to fill your home with delightful fragrances tailored for rest, relaxation, and aromatherapy. All you need to do is breathe.

Inhale deeply,
allowing the soothing scent of essential oils to fill your lungs and calm your mind.

Exhale slowly, releasing any tension or worries that are weighing you down. As the flame dances against each healing crystal's surface, it releases its unique energy, infusing the air around you with positivity and serenity!

Never miss a day of powerful aromatherapy and energy healing when you join our exclusive Candle Club Subscription and get a new candle shipped to your door every month!

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30% Discount

As a member of our exclusive club, you will also enjoy an incredible 30% discount on your monthly candles. This means more savings in your pocket while still pampering in elegant self-care rituals.

Continuous Healing Benefits

Our natural scented candles infused with healing crystals provide more than just beautiful fragrances. They offer holistic wellness benefits too. Regular use promotes relaxation, reduces stress levels, and enhances positive energy in your surroundings.

Candles that Heal Instead of Hurt

Each month, you'll receive a natural soy candle in scents that are designed to enhance different moods and promote overall well-being.

While most scented candles and air fresheners contain chemicals that smell good but release toxins into the air, Nice Candles create a fresh, soothing environment using only Mother Nature’s finest ingredients. You can rest easy knowing these candles are safe, good for the environment, and all-natural.

Supply That Never Runs Out

You will have your favorite Nice Candles with healing crystals delivered straight to your doorstep every month without lifting a finger! No more hassle, no more worrying about running out – just pure relaxation whenever you desire.

We set aside a special selection of our candles for our subscription members only, ensuring that even if stock runs low you will receive your candles. Skip to the head of the line as a VIP member!

Our Satisfied Customer Reviews

Michaela F.

  • Verified Purchase

These are the only scented candles I know of that come with healing crystals… 

"As an avid crystal lover, this subscription has been a dream come true for me! Each month, I eagerly wait to unveil the hidden gem within the candle, enhancing not only my environment but also my spiritual journey."

Jordan M.

  • Verified Purchase

I look forward to receiving my candles every month!

"The combination of natural scents and healing crystals creates such positive vibes throughout my space. My friends always comment on how peaceful it feels when they visit!"

Daniel R

  • Verified Purchase

For the past months, these candles have helped me relax after a long day at work!

“It’s true. The calming aroma mixed with the positive energy from the crystals is truly therapeutic. They provide moments of peacefulness where I can unwind, reflect, and set intentions for the day ahead."

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